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Cairngorms Park

Cairngorms Park

An accommodation search-engine for the UK's largest National Park.

Creating a search engine for accommodation in the Cairngorms National Park was something that needed to be done right. There were several other sites in existiance that provided similar functionality but we, and the sites owner, felt that none of them we're giving visitors to the area the user-friendly experience they should expect when searching for and enquiring about Hotels, B&B's, Self-catering and Camping facilities in the area.


We identified that providing a wealth of content, over and above accommodation information, was they key to making the site a useful resource for visitors.

By embedding our inline editing system for web-pages, the "4:30am Easy Editor", the owners and staff at can create and manage their site, adding pages, uploading images and writing content - all without any knowledge of HTML and editing the content directly in pages of the site.

This has enabled the site to grow at a phenomenal rate and it now ranks on the first page of all the major search engines when performing a search on "cairngorms"!

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Not the End of The Story...

Managing the accommodation listings

The owners of wanted to have complete control over the information that was displayed for the accommodation on their website. We created an Accommodation Management System that allows adding and editing of information directly in the context of the site.

Through a single interface, text can be entered, pictures can be uploaded, video links can be embedded and Google Maps grid references can be created....all without leaving the Website.

In order to handle the proposed banner advertising we created a system to allow banner space to be placed anywhere on the website. Banner space can be sold in an unlimited variety of contexts within the site from a single page to site-wide.


Special offers too, are managed from within the site. Offer details can be entered and offer expiry dates set.

Inline Accommodation Management
Google maps

Google Maps

Customised Google Maps Interface

Anyone who uses the web knows the power of Google maps. We wanted to bring that into the Cairngorms Park website.


By using the Google Maps API, we were able to have a customised map of the Cairngorms National Park showing the locations of all the different accommodation in the database. By clicking on an icon, users can bring up a summary of the accommodation and, if they are interested, they can click a link to take them to the accommodation's full information page.


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