Our Clients and Our Work

4:30am's focus is on helping our clients to do business more efficiently. By looking at and understanding your business processes, we can design and develop solutions that make them more efficient and/or allow you to move into new areas.

Case studies for three of our more recent projects are below.


Rough Trade Shops

- The UK's largest independent music retailer

4:30am has developed both Rough Trade's pulic website as well as all its internal stock control, order processing and product management systems. They have a product catalogue of over 100,000 items

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Rough Trade

Cairngorms Park

- the premier independant accommodation search engine for Hotels, Guest Houses and Self-catering in the Cairngorms National Park

Cairngorms-park.com has been developed to give prospective visitors to the Cairngorms National Park an intuitive and effective way to browse and enquire about accommodation. The site content is managed by a custom-designed CMS.

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Marywell Park

- an Aberdeen-based property rental and management business.

Marywell Park needed a system to manage all of the 100+ properties it has in its portfolio. Rents paid needed to be logged, electricty bills needed to be calculated automatically. Overdue amounts needed to be flagged. By creating an online system 4:30am has allowed the business's owners to keeop an eye on things from wherever they are.

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